Mr. Biggles

Mr. Biggles is a 3 year-old male tuxedo cat. His ‘mom’ Ariel noticed he was howling in severe pain and straining in the litter box. She took him to Associate Member Los Coches Animal Hospital and he was diagnosed with a urethral obstruction. Ariel was not able to afford the treatment necessary to help Mr. Biggles. If his obstruction wasn’t unblocked he would likely not survive. BirchBark Foundation was able to help pay for the treatment and Los Coches was able to secure five cases of special urinary diet from the Iams representative for Mr. Biggles. He’s recovering beautifully and hopefully will not need further treatment.

Mr. Biggles came into Ariel’s life at a very timely moment. She and her 4 year old son had been searching for months and wanted to adopt a black female cat. Then, searching on Craigslist, she noticed a beautiful, young, male tuxedo cat that had been posted for almost a month. She was certain after a month he'd be gone. Ariel was somewhat skeptical about having a male cat. But when she saw that the ad said Mr. Biggles would be going to the pound the same day she found him online she called right away. The person who answered the phone told her they were on their way out the door to take him to the pound right then and they'd be even happier to take him to a new home. Thanks to Ariel, it was a timely rescue. Now Mr. Biggles is part of a loving family.