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October:  Beach Neighbors Spotlight on Non-Profit

July:  Carmel Pine Cone

March:  KSCO-AM Radio Good Morning Monterey Bay




January: KSBW/Central Coast ABC: Public Service Announcement

February: BirchBark Foundation featured in Beach Neighbor Spotlight for Capitola, Soquel & Aptos.

April: Santa Cruz Sentinel feature for first Paws in the Park

June: Santa Cruz Sentinel feature for monthly Paws in the Park

July: Monterey Herald ... (Thanks Chatterbox!)


June: Radio interviews on KCBS-AM, San Francisco and KCOS-AM, Morning Drive time

June: Santa Cruz Sentinel

June: KSBW-TV: Evening news segment about BirchBark 911

August: KION Central Coast News, Anchor/Reporter Jon Brent's interview part of 'Dear Jon' series

December: KSBW/Central Coast ABC: Public Service Announcement


January: Monterey News & Views

January: Carmel Pine Cone 

January: KSCO-AM Radio Morning drive time

February: GoodTimes Weekly Santa Cruz

February: KSBW-TV Feedback @ Five

May: Carmel Pine Cone

June: Monterey Herald

June: KSCO-AM Radio Morning drive time

October: GoodTimes Weekly Santa Cruz