Sweet, beautiful four-month-old Kilah (pronounced Kee-la) is a lab-pit mix. Thanks to the quick action of her new dad, Lionel and the help of BirchBark and Associate Member hospital Pacific Veterinery Specialists she beat the odds with Parvo. In early January, Lionel rescued Kilah after he heard from a customer where he works that she’d been living in a car. Lionel knew he had to save this adorable puppy. It was love at first sight.  He brought her home to the house he shared with several of his UCSC friends.  Within a couple days he noticed she was very ill…vomitting and with diarrhea. In addition to being a student, Lionel works part-time at Safeway.  He left work and rushed her to the hospital. His roommates banded together to help pay what they could for Kilah’s initial care. Kilah was going to need hospitalization and isolation for possibly up to a week. Lionel was panicing because he knew he couldn’t afford it. He was told about BirchBark and contacted us. BirchBark helped cover Kilah’s care for several days.  His housemate Kyle and the others they live with all stepped up to help too. Kilah came through the crisis is now home and doing great—enjoying her puppy life in her new home.

A personal note from Lionel:

[getting BirchBark funding was…] …the best news I could ever hear! I was so scared that Kilah wasn't going to make it, and honestly without the Birchbark Foundation Kilah wouldn't be sleeping next to me right now. I can’t explain how grateful and happy I am! This was a dream come true, and it happened over night. The BirchBark Foundation saved Kilah’s life and we both really love you all and hope for the best for you!

A special note about Parvo Virus: Parvo is a deadly virus that mostly affects puppies under six months of age. If not treated quickly, the mortality rate can be as high as 90%. Lionel’s quick action to get Kilah treatment saved her life.

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