Maya met Jasper on her way to the animal shelter. It was the very day she had officially begun looking for a dog. Jasper had wandered away from his house and had no collar on. They connected instantly and Maya took care of him while trying to find his home. Then one day at a party Jasper ran up to a girl who said, "Oh my goodness this is the dog that's been missing from my house." Jasper was being fostered by this girl’s family while they were looking for a new home for him. Maya talked with them and she and Jasper have been happily bonded ever since.

Last month Jasper began vomiting and showed signs of lethargy. Maya’s regular vet recommended that he be taken to an internal medicine specialist. At Veterinary Partner, Pacific Veterinary Specialists, Jasper was put on IV fluids and medications and kept for 2+ days for observation and evaluation. Cholangiohepatitis, a disease of the liver and biliary system was the diagnosis. Maya spent all the money she had on Jasper’s emergency care. That’s when she heard about BirchBark Foundation.

Jasper was going to need to be on an intensive course of several expensive medications for at least 6-8 weeks—perhaps longer. BirchBark approved Jasper’s case and paid for his medication for two months.
Today, Jasper is just finishing his first month of treatment and is doing much better. We’ll evaluate his case at the end of two months and we’re all crossing our fingers that he’s out of the woods and just needs a little more time to be his sweet Jasper-Roo self!

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