Matsu was born in Alaska on October 26, 2007. When she came to her forever home at six months of age she only weighed 9 ounces and was half as tall as a pepsi can. Now she weighs 3 pounds. She loves everyone she meets, even babies. People always want to stop and take her picture. Her ‘mom’ carries her in a pouch that she wears on her chest. One day, Matsu prematurely jumped out of the pouch when her mom leaned over. The fall caused her to severly fracture her left rear femur. Her ‘mom and dad’ are on fixed income and couldn’t afford the costly surgery to repair Matsu’s leg. BirchBark stepped in along with Associate Member hospital Monterey Peninsula Emergency & Specialty Center to pay for her surgery which was performed at MPESC by Dr. Nick Macy. She is now on the road to a full recovery.