Taylor Comer came home from work one day to find her teenage neighbor standing on her front porch. She heard the words no pet guardian ever wants to hear, “Your cat was hit by a truck.” Little 3 year old Kaya, a beautiful tuxedo cat, was on the porch, her breathing shallow and barely able to move. Gently scooping her up, Taylor drove her first to her veterinarian who diagnosed a broken pelvis and transferred her to BirchBark’s Associate Member hospital Pacific Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services. It was then that Taylor discovered the surgery to save Kaya the use of her legs (and perhaps her life) would cost several thousand dollars. On her salary as a special needs teacher, Taylor was unable to cover the costly surgery. She received a grant from BirchBark Foundation along with the discounted care from Pacific and used her rent money to pay for the care to help stabilize Kaya until surgery could be performed.

Kaya is now doing well and will hopefully regain full use of her hip and legs. Taylor is planning a move to live with her sister in order to save money on rent and continue to care for Kaya.