Harley is a 4 year-old Minature Pinscher. He’d been having difficulty urinating, developed bladder stones and infection. For nearly a month, non-invasive treatments with antibiotics, catheterization and other medications and diet change just weren’t helping. The difficulty Harley was having not only was affecting his ability to urinate but could, if not surgically treated, be life threatening. It was determined that surgery to remove the bladder stones was the only course of treatment to save Harley’s life. His dad, Thomas, had been diligent about his care and treatment but was now out of funds. Thomas, is a native of the Monterey Bay area and a plumber for 30 years now living on a disability income—Harley is his sole mate. BirchBark along with Associate Member hospital, Animal Hospital of Salinas, provided the grant needed for Harley’s surgery and removal of the stones. He’s on a special diet and recuperating with his dad at home.