Angelious, nicknamed Jelli, is a 2-year-old neutered male domestic short-haired cat. He was born in the animal shelter with his six siblings—they were all adopted right away. Jelli was born deaf, so he was considered undesirable by most people. That is until Kat (now his mom) saw Jelli at an adoption event. Kat herself felt “broken” due to her own health problems. As a result of Jelli’s deafness, Kat felt a connection with him right away and knew that he was the special guy for her. It was love at first scratch. The paperwork was done and Jelli became part of Kat’s family.

Jelli grew up from a little skinny kitten to a huge adult cat and was perfectly healthy until recently when he developed a urinary blockage due to crystals in his bladder. He was taken to BirchBark Associate Member, Pacific Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Service. Jelli was diagnosed with a urethral blockage. He was in a lot of pain and very sick. The doctors moved quickly and when Kat was told that to save Jelli’s life the cost could be as much as $2,000-2,500 she realized she was faced with having to put her beloved "broken buddy" to sleep. She was able to pay a portion initially, but Jellie would need to be kept in the hospital for several days of treatment. That was when she was told about BirchBark. BirchBark stepped in—along with the help of the Pacific’s BirchBark discount—and was able to help cover the additional costs for Jelli’s treatment.

Jelli is recovering well at home and is back to playing and yelling for attention. Kat and Jelli are reunited and Kat is so grateful to have had the help to save her dear feline friend.

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