Persephone is a 5-year-old female full of love. Her ‘dad’ Diego was there for her birth. She was given to him by his best friend when his female had puppies. Persephone is a snuggler. Ever since she was a puppy, she would climb up to a shoulder and sleep there. Even now, at 50 pounds, she still tries to snuggle up on someone’s shoulder. She became the daughter Diego’s family never had.

When Persephone began vomiting and not eating, her dad knew something was very wrong. When he took her to BirchBark Associate Member hospital, Animal Hospital of Salinas he found out that she could die if she didn’t have emergency surgery to remove her uterus. The condition, called Pyometra, is not uncommon in un-spayed females. It was definitely a financial burden for Diego’s family. Birchbark Foundation was able to help take care of Persephone’s surgery and with the help of Animal Hospital of Salinas Diego says, "She’s now better than ever. We as a family will never forget how much the Birchbark Foundation has helped us and we will be forever greatful. Thanks again to you and the foundation for all that you have done for us."

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