Bubba is a three year old male domestic long hair cat whose purpose in life is to comfort his family…especially his human ‘sister’—12 year old Rebecca.  His home is often in turmoil and chaos. His ‘mom’ is disabled and also takes care of Bubba’s special needs teenage human ‘brother.’ Since his adoption at eight-weeks, Bubba has always been the calming force in the family. One evening Bubba’s family knew something was very wrong and took him to Associate Member Hospital Pacific Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Service. Bubba had a severe urinary blockage and needed to be hospitalized in order to save his life.

Bubba’s ‘mom’ paid all that she could but it was a fraction of what was needed for his care. She was told about BirchBark Foundation. BirchBark, along with the hospital’s Associate Member discount from Pacific Veterinary, stepped in and covered the rest of Bubba’s medical expenses. He recovered well in the hospital and was dismissed after two nights. BirchBark Foundation was also able to get special diet food donated from Hill’s and Bubba is now home taking care of his best friend Rebecca again.

Please make gift to BirchBark today! Your donation can help us save other pets like Bubba!