Tinkerbell is a three-year-old Domestic Long Hair. She is her ‘mom’s’ love, support and life-line. Tinkerbell is mostly an indoor kitty, but she goes out occassionally. One night, while outside, she was attacked and abused by local teenagers in the apartment complex where she and her mom live. She was horribly traumatized and her tail was set on fire. She was taken to BirchBark member hospital, Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service, where it was determined that once she was past the initial trauma, if her tail was amputated she would be able to recover and live a normal life. Without the amputation, she would likely die from the wound and complications. Animal Control was brought in on the case, but unfortunately they were not able to identify or catch the abusers.

Tinkerbell’s mom is intellectually disabled and lives in the apartment complex on her own, under the guidance of her human support system. She was unable to pay for the treatment needed and BirchBark was contacted to help. With the love of her ‘mom’ and the financial support from BirchBark, Tinkerbell had her tail amputated and has recovered well—and is now an indoor kitty.