Sully is an adorable four-month old Pit Bull mix. Like many puppies, finding objects to put in his mouth is a favorite pastime. His favorite was to hide socks under the bed for later chewing. One day his ‘mom’ Alycia noticed that he was very lethargic—quite unusual behavior for a little energetic puppy. Then, he began to vomit and wasn’t eating or drinking. He was taken to Associate Member Pacific Veterinary Hospital and Emergency Service. After some diagnostic testing, it was determined that Sully had swallowed a foreign object—likely socks—and needed immediate surgery.

Sully came into Alycia’s life earlier this year. She’d been struggling with some serious emotional issues. Sully became her emotional support and has helped her to become stronger and will eventually be trained as an emotional support service dog. Alycia is a seventeen year-old who is still in high school and works part-time to help out. She and her dad realized Sully’s surgery was going to cost more that they could handle with their limited finances. That’s when BirchBark was contacted. Sully’s emergency surgery was funded and yes—he had sock material in his tummy and intestines. His surgery was quite extensive and he made it through and is recovering well. He’s now at home being Alycia’s companion and support puppy.

Birchbark Foundation so kindly and generously helped save Sully’s life, for that I am so grateful, I just wish I could let them know exactly how much. I love my dog to death, and that will never change, so thank you so much Birchbark! You have helped out a teenage girl, and her puppy!—Alycia

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