Butters is a very sweet 5 year old Chihuahua mix. He, along with his older brother Pincho, are the love of their family's life. Butters came to the family as a puppy—having been left on someone’s lawn in a box. Butters’ family rescued him and hoped he would provide companionship for Pincho—they instantly became best friends.

One day, the family noticed Butters was taking longer than usual to urinate. They knew there was something wrong. He was taken to Associate Member hospital, Animal Hospital of Soquel. A stone was found blocking Butters’ ability to urinate. This could be deadly. Initially, due to financial constraints, Butters’ family chose non-surgical treatment. Unfortunately it didn’t work, and the family had depleted their funds. It was suggested they contacted BirchBark Foundation.  With the help of BirchBark funds Butters had the life-saving surgery he needed. He’s now on a special diet for urinary disorders and home with his family and best friend Pincho!

Our family goes through many ups and downs, but knowing that there are wonderful people and a program like BirchBark— that doesn’t judge and listens— makes me so hopeful for other families that are struggling to live a normal healthy life. Thank you again and again, Butters’ Family