Puddin is a beautiful nine and a half year old Calico cat. She came to her family as a Christmas present for their daughter. She was so young that her family bottle-fed her. She's been very healthy her whole life, until recently. When she stopped eating for several days her 'mom' knew something was wrong. After some diagnostic tests were done, it was discovered she had a bacterial infection in her liver. She had to be hospitalized right away. Puddin stayed in the hospital for three nights at Associate Member hospital Pacific Veterinary Emergency & Specialty. Puddin’s mom needed some financial help and a family member knew of BirchBark Foundation. She contacted us and BirchBark was able to cover the costs of some of Puddin’s hospitalization and medication costs. After she was stabilized, she was much happier at home and her family was able to administer her medications every day. She’s doing much better now and is eating and playing. She is loved dearly and is a HUGE part of her family.

We are very grateful to BirchBark Foundation and I want to Thank them for Caring and all their Support!—Cheryl, Puddin’s mom.