Robert is a happy four year-old Boxer-Pit mix. One day last month, when his dad was away from home, someone in the house left the door open. Robert and his puppy friend, Jessie, wandered out and away from home. Robert’s dad, Lloyd received a call informing him that Jessie had been picked up and was fine. But where was Robert? Shortly afterward, Lloyd received another call letting him know that Robert had been hit by a car and was brought by the Seaside Police to BirchBark Associate Member hospital Monterey Peninsula Veterinery Emergency & Specialty Center. Robert’s wounds were extensive and he was in critical condition.

Lloyd had rescued Robert and his brother, Rawlo, as puppies from a ranch in the San Joaquin Valley where his previous guardian had become very ill. If new homes weren’t found, Robert and Rawlo face euthanasia. Since that moment of rescue, Robert became Lloyd’s best friend and has always been by his side—and recently throughout his undergraduate and post-graduate experience at CSUMB. The thought of losing him was too much to bear.

Robert had suffered multiple internal and external injuries including a severely fractured left rear leg. The fracture was so severe, that amputation was the best option for treatment. After covering as many costs as possible, Lloyd was told about BirchBark. Robert was monitored and stabilized over a two day period and was ready for surgery. BirchBark was able to help pay for his amputation surgery. He’s now doing great and is back to his happy, playful self.

Here’s a note from his dad: I am happy to say that thanks to BirchBark Foundation, I have my best friend back. He is now a happy, three legged dog and doing much better since his accident. If it wasn’t for BirchBark I would have lost a big part of life. Robert and I are forever in debt for their services and so very thankful.

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