Nox is a 1 ½-year-old black female cat. She was rescued, barely alive and less than twelve hours old by a friend of her now guardians, Paul and Kimberly.  Nox was the lone surviving kitty from a litter of six. When a friend posted the kitten’s story and photos on Facebook, the moment Kimberley saw pictures of the ‘little black ball of fur,’ she immediately fell in love. Once Nox was old enough, Kimberley and her husband, Paul, brought her home from their friend’s home in Reno, Nevada. Paul held Nox on the drive all the way home and when they arrived home the pair were behind closed doors together so that Nox could feel safe in her new environment. From that moment on, Paul and Nox have been inseparable. Paul is Nox’s human.

When Paul noticed that Nox was losing weight and not eating he got her to the ER veterinarians at BirchBark’s associate member hospital Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service. Nox was diagnosed with pyometra, a life-threatening condition that can occur in unspayed females.  Following the emergency diagnosis, Paul turned to BirchBark. His funds were not sufficient to pay for the surgury that Nox needed to save her life. BirchBark Foundation stepped in and Nox’s surgery was performed at associate member hospital Parkview Veterinary. Thanks to both BirchBark’s associate member hospital discounts Paul was able to save his ‘baby.’ Nox came through the surgery fine and is now home safe and well with her human, Paul and her new family.

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