Blue is a 5 year old, neutered, shorthair male tabby cat.  His dad noticed he was having difficulty urinating and saw blood in his urine. It was a very scary time for Blue’s family. They thought he was going to have to have surgery and they didn’t know where they’d get the funds. Blue’s dad is a U.S. Army Veteran struggling with PTSD. He and his family reside in temporary housing at the Veterans Transitional Center. They’ve suffered a lot of loss recently and thought they were going to lose Blue. The family contacted BirchBark for financial assistance. Blue was taken to Associate Member hospital, Animal Hospital of Salinas. After some diagnostic testing was performed  it was determined that Blue did not have a bladder stone that needed surgery. He could be treated more conservatively with antibiotics to remedy the urinary tract infection. However, it was critical that his diet be changed to a prescription diet for cats to prevent urinary tract problems.

The good news is that Blue did not have to have surgery. Blue’s family was relieved. While Blue’s case did not become a life-threatening situation that needed BirchBark funding, BirchBark decided to help defray the costs of the expensive new diet food by donating a case of urinary special diet food to the family.

Blue is now home with his human and kitty families enjoying his new food and family love.

We are very grateful to the BirchBark Foundation. Thank you for all that you do. Not just for us but for all the families that you have helped and continue to help. —Carlos, Tina and Chris (Blue’s humans).

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