Cooper’s story is best told by the letter his ‘sister’ sent us. His family lives in Watsonville. Mom & Dad do not speak English and are agricultural workers. Maria (his ‘sister’) contacted us. Here is her story:

Cooper is a five month old shih tzu puppy, he has been a new addition to our family and everybody has grown very fond of him during the time that we've had him. He is a very playful and active little puppy that enjoys to spend time with all of us.

     One Monday night, Cooper was laying on top of a couch when he suddenly attempted to jump off the couch and in the process he ended up injuring  one of his back legs.We took him to an animal clinic, but they weren't able to help us because they told us they didn't specialize in treating these types of cases. So instead they sent us to Santa Cruz Vet Hospital where they told us he could be treated if he actually did have a fractured leg. When we were there at the Santa Cruz Vet Hospital my dad was able to pay for his first x-rays and examination, etc. which took most of the money we had available. Later on that day we were told that our little puppy had a fractured leg and he would require surgery in order to fix it. We were all devastated because we knew that we wouldn't be able to afford the surgery for our little puppy because the price estimate was too high for us. We attempted to apply for Care Credit but our application was rejected. At this point we were very worried and desperate for help because we wanted to help our puppy Cooper, but we didn't have the money to do so.

     After we were rejected from Care Credit the people at Santa Cruz Vet Hospital suggested that we should contact BirchBark Foundation. They told us to explain to them our situation through a phone call. So that night I the eldest daughter, left them a voicemail explaining to them what was going on with our dog and how we didn't have a way to pay for his leg surgery. The next morning they contacted me and they told us that they would try to help us in any way they could. This phone call made both my family and I very happy because afterwards our dog was able to go through with his surgery, and as of now he is recovering and still is the same active and playful little puppy everyone in our family loves. Cooper is our little bundle of joy and we appreciate organizations such as BirchBark that are able to help families in need just like us and our loving pets. We are also very thankful to the Santa Cruz Vet Hospital for talking to us about this foundation because I don't know what we would of done without it.   

     Thank you BirchBark Foundation we are so glad you guys came into our lives and provided so much help for our pet, we cannot thank you enough. We hope that other families in our situation are able come come across an organization that is just as wonderful as you guys. We also hope that you help many other families with their pets.

 Once again thank you for your help Birch Bark Foundation -  Cooper's family

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