Pee Pee Boy

Pee Pee Boy is an eighteen-month old Bull Mastif who got just a little too curious one day. He first came to his family as a teeny, tiny pup after an aquaintance realized his older dog wasn’t able to get along with a new puppy. The aquaintance just left Pee Pee Boy and never returned. The puppy became an instant part of the family. One day while out in the fence in yard, Pee Pee Boy must have found a hole and ran off. His family didn’t notice until they went to call him in. He must have run through the woods and out onto the road and was hit by a car. When his family reached him he was on the road side severely injuried.

Pee Pee Boy was taken to Associate Member hospital Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital. He was in shock, was diagnosed with a femur fracture, had blood in his abdomen and other possible internal complications. He was stabilized overnight and watched closely but needed surgery for the fracture, treatment for other injuries and a hospital stay for several days. His mom, Carol, lives on disability income and is also responsible for several family members.  She wasn’t able to come up with the funds needed to save Pee Pee Boy’s life and was told about BirchBark.

BirchBark was able to step in to help save Pee Pee Boy. He’s home now and slowly returning to his ‘adolescent’ self. All fences have been secured and he’s watched much more closely.

After he was home from the hospital his mom, Carol wrote us this note:

Thank you BirchBark for saving Pee Pee Boy. Because of the amazing help of BirchBark Pee Pee Boy is alive and well. Pee Pee Boy, will proudly be supporting his new scar.

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