Sebastian is a one and half year old indoor/outdoor male kitty. A friend and housemate had originally adopted him, but it was clear to London (Sebastian’s new dad) that he was not being treated well and was being abused and severely neglected. London requested to care for Sebastian, the housemate moved out and all was well. Then, one day Sebastian didn’t return home in the evening as he always had. London posted flyers and looked everywhere. Five days later, Sebastian returned home injured. It appeared he’d likely been hit by a car and London immediately took him to BirchBark’s Associate Member Hospital, Westside Animal Hospital in Santa Cruz. Sebastian’s left femur was fracture in two places. London’s love for Sebastian was strong, but he didn’t have the funds needed to cover the extensive surgery needed to save his life. He was referred to BirchBark and we were able to provide the funds to help London with Sebastian’s extensive surgery. After a long recovery and London’s diligence to save and care for him, Sebastian is now getting back to himself. London was able to secure a restraining order against the original roommates. In London’s words:  I would do anything for my little boy Sebastion. And with the help of the Birchbark Foundation we did everything that needed to be done. Thank you guys so much!—London