Rosie is a very sweet 1 year 8 month old German Shepherd mix. She is the love of her family's life. One day her 'cousin' took her for a run and Rosie (like many puppies) decided to break free from her collar. She ran so fast, no one could catch her. Once her cousin came home, the family kept searching, but certain Rosie seemed gone for good.
About 5 hours later, she showed up with severe laceration wounds all over her body. She must have been hit by a car.
Rosie's 'dad' Antonio is blind due to a complication from diabetes. His son, Angel, rushed Rosie to Associate Member hospital Santa Cruz Veterinary. The family was able to pay for some of her care, but not the needed surgery to close her life-threatening wounds. Without more extensive treatment for her injuries she may not live. Angel called BirchBark for help. We were able to provide the additional funds for extensive wound care and surgical treatment and an overnight stay at the hospital.
Rosie is now home with her 'mom & dad' and sharing in the joy of playing with and being surrounded by all her extended family.
Our whole family is so grateful that such a helpful foundation exists. Without BirchBark we do not know what would have happened to our sweet Rosie. I can't find the words to say how much i thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.—Antonio (Rosie's dad)