Duke is a sweet natured, big-hearted, young boy who is deeply loved by his ‘parents’ Shannon and Daniel.  Two years ago, the couple found a local listing for an unexpected litter of puppies. The family with the puppies was unable to support the litter and posted all puppies up for adoption.  


Upon meeting, Shannon fell in love with Duke, beginning an eternal connection between the two.  Their relationship with Duke quickly blossomed, and soon they became a family.


One day the couple was driving to their local park when Duke got spooked and, jumped out of the car.  While frightening in itself, the situation quickly turned to terror as Shannon watched Duke get hit by an oncoming vehicle.  The accident left Duke with critical injuries including a spinal fracture, hip fractures in four locations, and a ruptured bladder.  

After first taking Duke to a vet hospital that was unable to assist with the traumatic injuries, the couple was referred to Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital for intensive care.


Given the nature of the injuries, the cost of the surgeries was beyond the reach of the couple even after receiving Care Credit and left the couple in a very difficult situation. Facing the potential of economic euthanasia, Shannon turned to BirchBark Foundation for Duke’s care.  

After review of their financial need and the proposed treatment by the Foundation’s veterinary review panel, the couple was granted assistance of 50% of the cost and the partner hospital discounted their fees, as they do with all BirchBark Foundation grantees.


Duke was immediately admitted for the life-saving surgeries from Dr. Davies.  After months of slow recovery, Duke is getting a second chance at life.  Due to the excellent care he received by Dr. Davies and the team at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, Duke has been able to fully recover, and adjust back into life as an active dog.

The couple is beyond grateful for BirchBark Foundation and knows that without the foundation, Duke would not be here today. This sweet family now has an opportunity to continue growing together, and embark on new adventures.