Dre has an exuberant personality that is expressed through his entire wiggly body when you first meet him. He is without a doubt, a happy dog who loves exploring trails with his owner, Christina. As a 1.5-year-old, he still has a puppy's innocence despite the surgeries he has recently overcome. 

Last month, Dre was going for a ride in his Christina's Jeep. The low doors on the Jeep concerned Christina, so she put Dre in a seatbelt that was specifically designed for dogs.

She was driving on a quiet residential street when another car did not notice that the lanes were merging. To avoid colliding with the other car, she swerved. This sent Dre tumbling, snapping his seatbelt, causing him to fall onto the pavement. Christina rushed him to her veterinarian where he was placed on pain medicine.

Dre sustained injuries that required emergency services and was referred to our Associate Member Hospital, Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service. After X-rays, it was determined that Dre had broken his back-left femur and would need a fairly invasive surgery. 


Christina knew she wanted to give her best friend the greatest chance at healing, but she felt completely overwhelmed by the cost of the surgery. She was resolute in coming up with the money, but as a young adult working three jobs, she was uncertain on how to overcome the financial obstacles. 

Fortunately, she was referred to the BirchBark Foundation. The Foundation immediately responded to Dre's case with veterinary and financial support. Dre had a successful femur surgery that involved a metal plate and seven pins that were placed to stabilize the break. He and was on the road to recovery when one of the pins twisted. A second surgery was required to fix the pin, and now after two surgeries, his leg is on track to recover. 


Despite a rough couple of months, Dre has an unbridled love for life and will be back on the trails in no time. Christina and Dre have a lot of adventures ahead of them!

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