Alyssa plicka, cpa, board treasurer


Alyssa has over 30 years of experience in serving Silicon Valley high technology public and pre-public companies with a focus on software and SAAS companies.  Alyssa has extensive experience with accounting for income taxes and US tax issues including compliance, accounting methods, planning for acquisitions and dispositions, merger integration, international expansion, compensation issues, state tax matters and IPO planning.

On her public clients she works with CFO’s, finance and tax teams to ensure GAAP earnings are properly stated.  She regularly attends audit committee meetings to review earnings prior to release.  The audit committee is a subset of the public company board of directors.

Alyssa is part of a team of 300 tax professionals in PwC bay area.  Alyssa is passionate in coaching and mentoring her teams and has personally sponsored more partner candidates than any other partner. 

Alyssa is also a board member of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.