Pelusa is a one and a half year old female Terrier Mix. In early September she ran out the front door and was hit by a car, leaving her with an open fracture on her right rear leg and the risk of infection. Pelusa’s ‘mom’ Christina is a student and was unable to cover the cost of the surgery. With some financial help from Christina’s brother, BirchBark Foundation provided the grant for Dr. Tom LaHue at Associate Member Hospital Pacific Veterinary Specialists to repair Pelusa’s leg. She’s now recovering well at home.

Pelusa came to be part her family in 2012 after a psychologist recommended the family get a dog to help the seven year old daughter deal with the trauma of her parents’ divorce. Pelusa’s presence not only helped the little girl but gave joy to the entire family and extended family. Then, Pelusa’s ‘dad’ was relocated and his daughter was sent to live with her mother in Mexico. Shortly after, in order to not give Pelusa up for adoption, his sister Christina, decided to take care of Pelusa and keep her in her loving home “…because she is an important member of the family.”