Gurdie, AKA Birdie

Gurdie, AKA Birdie, is a four-year-old female boxer who came to live with her mom Katherine at the age of ten weeks. Last month she was outside one day with her mom and was hit by a car and suffered a severe fracture to her right front leg. Rushing her to the emergency hospital, Katherine soon realized she didn’t have the financial capability to cover the costly surgery to save Birdie’s leg and perhaps her life. Birdie’s leg was splinted to stabilize it while Katherine frantically searched for the funds. Birdie was in a lot of pain. Katherine was told about BirchBark from the SPCA of Monterey County. BirchBark Foundation put Katherine in touch with Veterinary Partner, Nichols Veterinary Care, where Dr. Cynthia Nichols brought in Veterinary Partner Surgeon, Dr. Jim Roush to perform the surgery to save Birdie’s leg and life. She is now healing quietly at home and loves her post op visits with the caring staff and doctors at Parkview.

Something quite special about Birdie…When she was about a year old she began randomly nibbling at her mom’s leg and making a squeaking noise. It took Katherine (a diabetic) a while to realize (with her doctor’s help) that Birdie was able to smell when Katherine’s blood sugar was off. Birdie goes everywhere with Katherine. Her gentle manner and intelligence attracts the attention of young and old. Thanks to BirchBark Birdie will now have many more years of taking care of her mom!

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