Thelma and Louise ride again!


Ten years ago, Norman and his wife took in two little Chihuahua mix puppies, Thelma and Louise.  With the recent passing of his wife, Norman has become even closer with his furry little girls, relying on their love more than ever.


Thelma and Louise were taking Norman on one of their long beach walks when they ran across a fisherman. Norman had taught them to stay clear of fishermen and their gear including smelly, yummy bait. But whatever delicious goodies this fisherman was using had to be explored, dug out of the sand and gobbled by Thelma… hook, line and OH NO!

Which is what Norman thought when he saw the fishing line hanging out of Thelma’s mouth. Taking his beloved Thelma to her regular veterinarian at Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel, Norman was told he would have to go to an emergency veterinary hospital.

Upon initial examination at Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services, Dr. Akol thought Thelma may have to go over the hill to San Jose for surgery costing perhaps $4,000 – an impossible situation given Norman’s recent closing of his business and finances.

So Dr. Akol wanted to try something first, a scope procedure down Thelma’s throat where she might be able to extract the hook from Thelma’s gullet. 

Can you find the fishhook in Thelma?

Can you find the fishhook in Thelma?

While the cost of this procedure was considerably less than major surgery, it was still more than Norman could manage. When Care Credit turned him down for a loan, Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services staff told him to contact BirchBark Foundation for assistance.

The application process went quickly and the Dr. Akol was then able to successfully scope and remove the fishhook from Thelma’s throat.

Norman’s appreciation for BirchBark’s help in covering a substantial portion of the bill is deep and emotional. After the loss of Norman’s wife, losing Thelma was another nightmare not to be contemplated.

Thanks to Norman’s commitment to his best friends, the work of specialists at our Associate Member hospitals, and donors like you, Thelma and Louise ride again!   

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