Rocky is a sweet bull terrier with an infectious smile and boundless energy—a dead ringer for the “Target” dog!   He loves romping on the beach with his owner Rosy and her family, especially her grandchildren. His trusting nature is evident when he rolls over to sleep—his favorite position is stretched out on his back, paws waving in the air! He makes friends easily and hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like. His smile lights up the beach.


Rocky was adopted as 4-week pup and immediately bring joy and healing to his family, who were still recovering from the heartbreak of losing their puppy Carmelo, who died about a year earlier from an incurable bone disease.

Imagine Rosy’s concern when at 11 months of age, Rocky suddenly stopped eating and became lethargic—acting “raro”.  At first Rocky’s family thought he was frightened by the 4th of July fireworks, but after several days of struggling to get him to eat, they took him to Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service. It was determined he had ingested something, and it might resolve on its own, so Rocky went home to be monitored.

Despite special soups, home remedies and much TLC, Rocky continued to decline and lose weight.  His health was becoming increasingly precarious. After a quick check at Companion Animal Hospital, it was clear that surgery to remove the foreign object was urgently needed.


 Medical costs by now had outstripped the family’s financial capacity, which was stretched thin not only by Rocky’s treatment but also by Rosy’s recent illness and the death of a beloved uncle and resulting financial difficulties for the extended family.


After failing to qualify for Care Credit, and frantic at the thought of losing their beloved Rocky, Rosy was referred to Birch Bark Foundation, which immediately helped Rosy to organize the care that Rocky desperately needed. Rocky's foreign body obstruction was removed at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital by Dr. Davies.

Rosy and her family consider themselves very fortunate and grateful to have their beloved “amigo” and “angel” Rocky back smiling and in good health.

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