Mika is a 6-year-old female Maltese. One minute she was standing next to her ‘dad’ Aaron, and the next she’d run into the road and was struck by a car. Aaron ran to her immediately, but Mika was not responsive. He scooped her up and immediately took her the the emergency service at Associate Member hospital Santa Cruz Veterinary where it was determined she had multiple pelvic fractures and a ruptured femur.

Aaron is a continuing education student and is in the middle of a career change. In addition to Mika, he’s also the proud papa of a little baby girl. Extensive surgery was going to be necessary right away to save Mika, but Aaron did not have the financial means to pay for it.  He contacted BirchBark and was approved for financial assistance. Our veterinary review board immediately reviewed Mika’s case and surgery was approved for that same day. Within hours she was undergoing what turned out to be a complicated and lengthy, but successful surgery. Mika is now home and on her way to a full recovery.

A note from Mika’s ‘dad’: I am so grateful to BirchBark for their immediate assistance with Mika's emergency surgical needs. Without them I don't know where Mika and I would have been. As I watch my "little pup" regain her ability to walk and eventually run and jump as she used to, I know the BirchBark team will be in my thoughts for their help when we needed it most. —Aaron