In late 2015, Sophie's mom noticed that she was urinating pink and uncomfortable. She found out at the vet that Sophie had stones that needed to be removed surgically. After being denied Care Credit, she wasn't sure where to turn for help to cover the full cost of the surgical procedure. Our Associate Member Hospital, VCA All Pets Animal Hospital Salinas, informed her of our financial assistance program and she reached out.

After reviewing Maricela's qualifications of financial need, Sophie's records were sent to our veterinary review panel to ensure that this was a life-threatening situation with a good prognosis. The panel approved the case and Sophie received the treatment with the help of a 50% grant from BirchBark and a 25% discount from the treating Associate Member Hospital.

Maricela was able to find the remaining 25% of the cost to save her fur baby and as you can see, Sophie is celebrating another birthday and living a happy life on a new diet with her mom!

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