Tater Tot


It had been many years since the loss of their beloved family dog, but in 2011 Peggy was finally ready to go searching for their new forever best friend. It didn’t take Peggy long to find Tater Tot in a local shelter, and when she saw how loving Ms. Tater Tot was, she promptly made her a member of the family. 


Peggy and her daughter, Shanna, quickly realized they had an angel in their midst, as Tater was exceptionally empathetic to the emotional needs of each family member. Soon Tater Tot was certified as a Service Dog for both Peggy and Shanna in the capacity of de-escalating anxiety and helping to lift depression. Tater Tot enjoys going everywhere with either Peggy or Shanna and is very happy in her new role with her new family.

Fast forward to 2017, Peggy and Shanna knew that Tater Tot had advanced stage periodontal disease and was not eating. Peggy had heard of BirchBark Foundation and called to see what help could be provided. She learned about BirchBark Foundation's protocol and was advised to take Tater Tot in for a consultation with an Associate Member Hospital to learn more about her condition and get a cost estimate. Peggy saved up and paid for the visit to Companion Animal Hospital. When she saw the estimate to remove 15 teeth for Tater and was denied Care Credit, she knew she would be unable to cover the cost to save her precious angel. 


BirchBark Foundation doesn't fund dental cleanings or dental care that needs to happen on a regular basis. The Foundation only provides grants for dental work in situations that are life-threatening, when the pet has oral abscesses, can't eat or eats with extreme pain.  With the help of Companion's discounted services, Birchbark provided a grant to get Tater Tot the full dental work and extraction of the diseased teeth necessary to have her start eating again. 

Now Tater Tot has bright pearly white teeth and is once again very kissable. Tater is vivacious, gregariously showering her love to all strangers who take the time to meet her on the many walks in our local parks and taking her service dog duties in stride with all of her big heart.

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