Fluffy is a 2-year old Chihuahua mix who lives with a large and loving family. His dad, took over responsibility for his care, when Fluffy’s original owner became pregnant and could no longer keep up with his needs and energy.

Day to day care for Fluffy and showering him with love isn’t a problem for his family. But they were unprepared for the cost when Fluffy escaped the yard and was hit by a car. Fluffy had multiple fractures and needed surgical correction with a bone plate.

Today, Fluffy is happy and healthy living with his loving family. Fluffy’s case illustrates the community of support BirchBark has in place with our Associate Member hospitals.

Fluffy’s care began at Pacific Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Service and finished up at Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital. We rely on our veterinary community for their expertise, compassion and willingness to discount their fees when working with a BirchBark Foundation client. We also couldn’t help Fluffy and his family without the generous donations of supporters like you! Please make a donation today.