The work we do to keep pets in their loving homes is incredibly rewarding. Here is what some of our grantees have had to say about us over the years.

There’s no way we would have been able to afford the life-saving surgery Tyler needed without BirchBark. I don’t think our cat would be alive right now if it wasn’t for them. He means so much to us. It’s not just like having a cat, it’s like having a baby. We have never loved or cared for something as much as we care for our baby boy, who we call our “first born”. Ever since we’ve had him, he’s been nothing but a perfect light in our lives, no matter the situation. We’re so thankful!
Dear BirchBark, my name is Juan I’m just writing this to thank you for what you did for our pet Spike. Our kids thank you as well, now they say that they’ll be able to sleep knowing that Spike will be home soon. Once again I wanna thank BirchBark Foundation because with out people like you, our pet Spike wouldn’t of had his surgery. Thank you.
Thanks to Harden Ranch, Drs. Onuma and Roush, and BirchBark Foundation who came through when the family had exhausted all other financial avenues to help him recover from these serious issues. There is absolutely no doubt that without this corrective surgery and other medical care, provided in large part by BirchBark and their kind donors, Chewi would have died in misery.
Thank you BirchBark for saving the life of this beautiful and loving dog, who is so much more than a dog to me and those that know her.
As I write this story for your readers, it brings tears to my eyes to know that Buddy Girl was so sick and we could have lost her. Buddy Girl made her way into my heart and Mary’s. She’s my fur child blessed to us from above to solidify the cement in our small family with her love.  Words are not enough to convey our sincere appreciation for your support. BirchBark Foundation has given us back our loving Buddy Girl and my daughter Mary Grace and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless you and all that you do.
[getting BirchBark funding was…] …the best news I could ever hear! I was so scared that Kilah wasn’t going to make it, and honestly without the Birchbark Foundation Kilah wouldn’t be sleeping next to me right now. I can’t explain how grateful and happy I am! This was a dream come true, and it happened over night. The BirchBark Foundation saved Kilah’s life and we both really love you all and hope for the best for you!
Thank you BirchBark Foundation we are so glad you guys came into our lives and provided so much help for our pet, we cannot thank you enough. We hope that other families in our situation are able come come across an organization that is just as wonderful as you guys. We also hope that you help many other families with their pets.

Once again thank you for your help BirchBark Foundation - Cooper’s family
Our family goes through many ups and downs, but knowing that there are wonderful people and a program like BirchBark— that doesn’t judge and listens— makes me so hopeful for other families that are struggling to live a normal healthy life. Thank you again and again, Butters’ Family
Birchbark Foundation so kindly and generously helped save Sully’s life, for that I am so grateful, I just wish I could let them know exactly how much. I love my dog to death, and that will never change, so thank you so much Birchbark! You have helped out a teenage girl, and her puppy!—Alycia
We are very grateful to BirchBark Foundation and I want to Thank them for Caring and all their Support!—Cheryl, Puddin’s mom.
Thank you very much Birchbark foundation for making it possible to get the medical help he needed. I will be forever grateful. I’m so happy to still have Penguin with us and that he is doing so good.—Esmeralda, Penguin’s mom.
I am so grateful to BirchBark for their immediate assistance with Mika’s emergency surgical needs. Without them I don’t know where Mika and I would have been. As I watch my “little pup” regain her ability to walk and eventually run and jump as she used to, I know the BirchBark team will be in my thoughts for their help when we needed it most. —Aaron
Thankfully, the Birchbark Foundation was able to step in and help us cover the costs we couldn’t! They saved our baby. We have our Koda back and we couldn’t be more grateful to BirchBark Foundation.—Koda’s mom, Rene
I would do anything for my little boy Sebastion. And with the help of the Birchbark Foundation we did everything that needed to be done. Thank you guys so much!—London
Our whole family is so grateful that such a helpful foundation exists. Without BirchBark we do not know what would have happened to our sweet Rosie. I can’t find the words to say how much i thank you truly from the bottom of my heart.—Antonio (Rosie’s dad)
Thank you BirchBark for saving Pee Pee Boy. Because of the amazing help of BirchBark Pee Pee Boy is alive and well. Pee Pee Boy, will proudly be supporting his new scar.
We are very grateful to the BirchBark Foundation. Thank you for all that you do. Not just for us but for all the families that you have helped and continue to help. —Carlos, Tina and Chris (Blue’s humans).
I am happy to say that thanks to BirchBark Foundation, I have my best friend back. He is now a happy, three legged dog and doing much better since his accident. If it wasn’t for BirchBark I would have lost a big part of life. Robert and I are forever in debt for their services and so very thankful.
This is a wonderful organization that deserves to be supported by our community. Without Birchbark I could not have afforded Aja’s care and she would have to be put to sleep. She is not just a pet, she is a member of my family. Thank You Birchbark for giving Aja a new lease on life!
BirchBark gave us hope; the care and concern they gave Cooper and our family was amazing. They were there for us and we can’t thank them enough for the grant; it’s been a blessing.
Thank you so very much for you help... I can’t thank you enough. Ever since my husband passed away 2 years ago, Angel is the glue that holds my 12 y/o daughter together. Without Angel, I don’t know how my daughter would be able to make it through, so THANKS YOU FOR THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!”
My brother calls Buffett “The Nose” and he really is the sweetest little dog. He doesn’t bark at anything except other dogs and only when he thinks they’re too big (!). He will pull me across the street to meet a new human and almost never complains which is how I knew his mouth was really bothering him. It’s so hard to hear him be in discomfort and not being in a position to do anything immediately. I so appreciate your help it’s been a huge worry to me.