Crystal post op.jpg

Crystal’s personality is just like her name, Crystal. She loves to greet people and enjoys having children around her. She likes to be approached and never plays rough with kids. She is very kind and understands perfectly when it is time to play, cuddle or just relax.

About 2 months ago, Crystal suddenly lost a tremendous amount of weight. She continued eating but the weight issue became more concerning. A relative took us to the veterinary hospital where we were told that further testing was needed and an ultrasound was necessary to determine what was going on. We were facing surgery as well due to an infection Crystal had. We had the option of continuing treatment or euthanizing her. I decided I would do all I could to help her and keep her with us. Medical expenses drained my family’s small savings quickly, then the credit card was suddenly maxed-out. I did not know what to do, but knew I was going to continue helping Crystal. Relatives helped financially, but it was still not enough. Sure enough Crystal needed surgery and my heart broke thinking that I was not going to be able to pay for it.

One morning, while feeding Crystal and changing my little girl’s shirt, I received a phone call from Dr. Loli at Harden Veterinary Hospital. She was very kind and acknowledged my feelings and fears. She informed us about BirchBark Foundation and how the process worked. I followed their process step by step and was overwhelmed when I received the call from BirchBark, informing us that they were going to help pay for her surgery. I cried and shared the news with my relatives.

During the days to come, Crystal had her surgery and was sent home with a lot of meds. Since then, Crystal has had a second chance to live. Everyday she is doing better and is back to being herself. Crystal is not just a dog, she is a family member and I wish she could be with us forever. I learned many lessons from this situation, but better yet, I had a group of strangers become my educators and part of my family. Thank you BirchBark for all your help and all you did for Crystal and our family.

Thank you all!