To qualify for a BirchBark Foundation grant,

you must be able to answer "yes" to all of the following questions:

Please note, because of our limited resources we can only make a grant once per family.

  1. Are you a resident of Santa Cruz or Monterey Counties?

  2. Does the animal have an immediately life-threatening or life-compromising injury or illness that requires urgent care?

  3. Are you currently at one of our BirchBark Veterinary Partners, if not please click here to find the closest BirchBark Veterinary Partner and take your pet here for an initial exam. You are responsible for payment of this initial exam.

  4. According to the veterinarian, is there a good prognosis and can treatment be mostly completed in one visit or hospital stay?

  5. Have you or a family member applied for Care Credit or ScratchPay?

  6. Are you able to play 25% of the needed medical costs at the time of treatment?

  7. Is your total household income within 250% of the federal poverty guidelines (see chart below)?

  8. Is your pet spayed or neutered? If no, you must be willing to get your pet spayed or neutered to receive help from BirchBark Foundation. 

Household Size Income
1 person $29,700 or less
2 people $40,050 or less
3 people $50,400 or less
4 people $60,750 or less
5 people $71,100 or less
6 people $81,450 or less
7 people $91,825 or less
8 people $102,225 or less

If you answered YES to all of the above, please contact one of our Veterinary Partners, or call our help-line at 831.471.7912

If you answered NO to any of these questions, please click here for other fundraising options.