darlene sawyer, interim executive director & Board secretary

Darlene Sawyer is a native Californian and a fairly recent transplant from the Silicon Valley to the beautiful Santa Cruz coast.

Darlene fell in love with animals at the age of 5 when wishing on every star paid off in the form a big, beautiful German Shepard named Meister. Meister and the dozens of animals that have come into her life since him have provided her happiness beyond measure and an abundance of love and laughter. 

Darlene contributes to the well being of animals by fostering, rescuing adopting and sponsoring animals of all shapes, sizes and species.  While she holds a full-time position in the business world her heart and passion continue to lead her to help animals in need of love and care. She contributes her time and knowledge to organizations that in turn help people and animals in crisis.  She believes the animal – human bond is one of the deepest and strongest and that no person or animal should suffer a loss of this kind of love due to their financial circumstances.

She presently shares her life with her husband, son, two daughters, three dogs two of which are rescues and range in size from 135 to 5 pounds, a rescue cat, and two new rescue kittens. 

Life is good!