daniela apostol, Board member


My passion for animals can be traced back to my childhood. I grew up in communist Romania, where I was raised with a cat.  I moved to Israel for 7 seven years and ultimately to the United States where I have been for 23 years to pursue my career as a Product and Program Manager in high-tech. I am fluent in four languages.   

Professionally I am working on a project with the goal of treating people with cancer with a new protocol that they hope will allow people to live with cancer not die from cancer.

Outside of the office, I am committed to helping all animals in need. I joined BirchBark because I believe we owe our pets an endless debt for their love and companionship and I have no doubt that they make us better human beings; and I wanted to give something back. My cat Harry kept my spirits up through a very difficult period of my life, after losing my mother. I know very well how important a pet can be in our lives, and how deeply painful their loss, particularly when it could have been prevented. While I could have chosen another similar organization, I had the opportunity to witness first hand Dr. Burtch's kindness and dedication to the welfare of her patients, which made me decide to choose BirchBark.