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Community Partner Spotlight - Aptos Feed & Pet Supply

Our Community Partners make a huge difference in fulfillment of our Mission of working with our Vet Partners to keep animals in the loving homes of their existing low income clients who’s beloved pets are in a medical crisis.

We would like to thank Damian Delezene the owner of Aptos Feed & Pet Supply not only for all he does for BirchBark but all he does for the entire Aptos community of pet lovers and owners.

We recently had an opportunity to meet with Damian. Please stop in and say hi to Damian and thank him on our behalf. If you mention this post you will be given a free BirchBark gift.

Aptos Feed & Pet Supply is located:
7765 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003

How long have you owned Aptos Feed & Pet Supply?
I've been here for 29 years in October but I've owned the store since 1998. I purchased the business from my mom when she moved out of the area. It's been a great run and I'm hoping to do it for as long as I can!

Who first told you about BirchBark?
I'm not sure exactly. I'd heard of Birchbark for many years but then someone came in with a box and told me about the great and needed work you were doing and I was happy to contribute to such a great idea.

Describe a typical day at Aptos Feed?
I start work at 8, and we open at 9. I'm a worrier, a procrastinator so I try to knock out my most annoying dreaded tasks first thing. It's then on to inventories and orders and around 10-5 it's mostly customer service, and then 5-7 emails and prepping for the next day.

One of the nice things about having a small business is the wide variety of tasks, ordering, stocking, customer service, paper work, and lots of carrying things.

How would you describe BirchBark to a child?
I guess that depends on the age of the child, but simply put it helps take care of your furry family when you don't have the money to pay for an unexpected medical expense. I guess this will often times turn into a larger discussion about money and the cost of goods and services etc.

Are you a dog or cat person and why?
That's a pretty political question given my line of work! I have many customers that are definitely one or the other but I'm not. I really appreciate both and have lived with both dogs and cats my whole life. I think the thing that separates most dogs and cats is that a lot of people spend more time with their dogs. They will take their dogs with them in the car, on walks, to the park, the beach, you can't do this with most cats. I really think people can bond with both equally well. I would probably include horses and goats on that list too from my own experiences. We don't typically let goats and horses live in the house but they are really great companions.

Why do you continue to support BirchBark?
I really think that companion animals are for everyone regardless of their finances. Animals provide stress relieve and love for a lot of vulnerable people and it's a very small thing to try and support that in any way I can.

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