Thank you to our Community Partners who so generously collect donations on our behalf! Please help us return that favor by supporting them. 

If you’re interested in having a donation box in your establishment, please email us at or
call (831) 471-7255.

Community Partner Spotlight - Rogue Pye

Our Community Partners make a huge difference in the fulfillment of our mission of partnering with veterinarians to help save pets’ lives during medical emergencies when their owners are unable to fully afford the necessary critical care.

We would like to thank Ed Fordyce the owner of Rogue Pye by Artisan Hand Food and the entire team, for all they do for BirchBark Foundation.  Rogue Pye is a local food truck that makes delicious handheld savory pies.  Ed and his team donate all of their tips to support our mission and in the last year have donated $2,000!

We recently had an opportunity to meet with Ed.  They’re at various local farmers markets and other community events.  If you see their truck around town, please stop by and thank them on our behalf.  Don’t forget to try one of their fantastic pies while you’re at it!


Rogue Pye by Artisan Hand Food
Rogue Pye Calendar: 

Who first told you about BirchBark? 
Al Carmen at SCORE when I was a counselor

How would you describe BirchBark to a child?
They help Pets, when their people need help.

 Why do you continue to support BirchBark? 
Philosophy is a match.  Rogue was my dog and integral part of my life.  I would and did everything possible to take care of her.  I also realize many animals have their owners caring support, they might lack just a little fiscal support, they need just a “little” help.   BirchBark is not a “hand-out”, they help people save their pets.

Which aspects of BirchBark do you find the most compelling, education, financial assistance or grief support and why?
Financial Assistance

Tell us about your business
Rogue Pye makes savory hand-held pies. An iconic food made popular in middle-ages England, while stretching back to the Romans and Greeks.  Rogue our English Staffordshire Terrier is named after my favorite beer and X-men character.  When she passed away, we named our Pyes after her, she would have been our Chief Taster. 

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?
English Staffordshire Terrier, loyal, loves people and pocket battleship to protect their people.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Following a detour sign, passing a crew, who were working on repairing a downed Electrical Pole.  One worker rushed out to stop my Van and Pye Wagon (Food Trailer).  Thinking that there was some problem …. but no…. he just loved my pyes and wanted to tell me!!!

What inspires you?
Principle People and Businesses that do the right thing, the right way without short-cuts or the easy out.

What do you do for fun when you are not working?
Outdoor Cooking – open fire, wood burning oven.  Nothing better than good ingredients, natural heat and time.

How would you value the store on the corner?
Highly, believe in the value of small communities that make people part of something and not just another passer-by. Corner stores can and should contribute to the value of the community. Business should be a relationship between shareholder-community-employees.

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