Betsy leclerc, Board member

Betsy was born in Ohio and attended Ohio State University with a focus on nursing.  Post college, she worked for United Airlines as a flight attendant (Stewardess in those days) and continued on to inflight management, which enveloped the training of new hires.  Simultaneously, she worked Military CRAF flights taking troops to and from deployments during Desert Storm.  She ultimately attained the stature of Purser on International flights.  Betsy’s volunteer work began early on in her teenage years.  Through exploring many organizations as a volunteer, she eventually found her niche…animals!  

She met her husband Dale on one of her flights.  He had been serving in the Military as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War.  They found themselves with two cocker spaniels, both having rare health issues.  Their medical bills were very expensive and it became apparent that there were other "pet-parents” that could not afford the medicines and treatments that their own pets needed.

Betsy met Dr. Burch during BirchBark’s development phase and became one of the first volunteers and donors to the cause!  She and Dale knew how fortunate they were to have the resources necessary to take care of their own pet's medical needs, and wanted to do as much as they could do to help others with their little fur-babies.

Betsy and Dale love the work the Foundations does for pets and their owners who would otherwise have no alternative but to lose their beloved pet to disease or death.

Dale and Betsy are proud parents of a Couton de Tuleur, Toby!