Bandit is a 10 month old male Australian Blue Heeler mix. One day, his mom, Kelsey, decided to join a friend at a pet adoption event—just to look. Bandit’s dad said he knew when Kelsey walked out the door that she’d be bringing home a puppy. One look at Bandit and Kelsey’s heart was won over. Bandit was just a month old and now has won the heart of the entire family.


One day in late August, Bandit began vomiting and drinking excessively. He was taken to his regular veterinarian in Boulder Creek and after stabilizing him with fluids and doing some diagnostic tests, it was determined Bandit had a foreign obstruction of unknown origin in his small intestine and needed emergency surgery. He was transferred to BirchBark's Associate Member Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital.

Bandit’s mom had already spent all her available funds at Boulder Creek veterinary hospital, and she turned to BirchBark Foundation for financial assistance. With BirchBark’s help, Bandit was prepped for abdominal surgical exploration and removal of the foreign material. It was a corn cob! Not an uncommon object for dogs to swallow...especially during summer months.

A warning for any family picnic or backyard BBQ—make certain to pick up all corn cobs. Dr. John Davies performed Bandit’s extensive surgery and today he’s at home sharing the love of his family and playing with his canine brother. 

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