Secondary Financial Assistance Grant Application

this application should only be filled out after being seen by a BirchBark Veterinary Partner WHO DIRECTED YOU HERE.

Your application WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED if you & all adult members of your household:

 Are a resident(s) of Monterey or Santa Cruz counties

The following criteria is mandatory to apply for BirchBark Foundation funding:

  • BirchBark Foundation is only able to grant assistance to cases treated at one of our Veterinary Partners for a life-threatening or life compromising situation with a good prognosis. We do not fund routine care.
  • BirchBark does not provide any funding for medical services that have already been rendered.
  • If approved, BirchBark provides funding for up to 50% of the bill and Veterinary Partners discount 25% from their services. The owner will have to use the entire amount of Care Credit towards the pet's treatment. The owner and hospital must come to a payment agreement for the client's portion of the bill.
  • All animals that receive BirchBark funding must be spayed or neutered. If an animal is not spayed/neutered at the time funding is given, the owner will agree to have their animal sterilized within a set time frame determined by the treating veterinarian (based on the health of the animal).
  • All recipients of BirchBark funding agree to allow BirchBark to use their story, photos and video. BirchBark requests that owners provide photographs of their pets to the BirchBark Foundation. BirchBark will send a representative to take photos and write up your story for our donors to learn about the successful outcome for your pet.
  • Recipients are asked to do whatever possible to help BirchBark save other family pets. This includes sending an e-mail to family and friends, volunteering when possible and participating in special events.

I have read and agree to the grant qualifications. By submitting this application, I agree that it has been completed in good faith. I understand that incomplete applications and/or the submission of false information may result in my application being denied

We will notify the veterinarian treating your animal, upon successful completion of your application.