BirchBark Foundation Financial Assistance Grants

We are currently not accepting applications for financial assistance grants.

Please go to our Resource Network webpage to find other avenues for assistance.

We appreciate your exploration of BirchBark Foundation to help you with your pet’s health care needs. We hope we are able to assist you and your pet. As a non-profit organization our mission is to enhance and preserve the quality of life of pets and support their caregivers.

BirchBark Foundation grants are currently available only to residents of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties in California.

Due to the volume of applications we receive, the program is not always able to help everyone who applies. Before you move forward with our application, you must use resources such as: savings, friends & family, 401k retirement plan, credit cards, Care Credit, etc. BirchBark grants are for those who have no other resources available to them and can provide documentation of need. 

Once we receive your application, financial & supporting documents, pictures of your pet, and your phone call upon completion, we are able to provide a decision within 2-4 hours.

The guidelines below have been established to help you determine if you and your pet will qualify to receive BirchBark funds. Please review them carefully. If you need help, but find that you don't qualify, please review our Resources Page for help.

Pet owners can apply for BirchBark funding after:

  1. The patient has been evaluated by a veterinarian who determines that the animal's condition is immediately life threatening or life compromising and there is a good to excellent prognosis.
  2. Financial hardship will prevent the pet owner from following the recommended course of diagnostics and treatment. You will have to submit proof of need for all adult members of your household, if you apply for a grant. This means 3 months of bank statements and two additional documents outlined in the application.
  3. The owner has already applied for Care Credit, or similar health care financial credit service. You will have to submit proof of Care Credit approval/denial, if you apply for a grant.
  4. The pet will be treated at an Associate Member Hospital. The estimate and diagnostics for the grant must be from an Associate Member Hospital, if you apply for a grant. We do not pay for any services that have already taken place.
  5. The owner’s income is up to 250% of the federal poverty guidelines. If your income exceeds these guidelines by no more than $5,000 annually, you may also apply. See chart below:
Household Size Income
1 person $29,700 or less
2 people $40,050 or less
3 people $50,400 or less
4 people $60,750 or less
5 people $71,100 or less
6 people $81,450 or less
7 people $91,825 or less
8 people $102,225 or less

If you are qualified and move forward with the application form, you must submit Proof of Care Credit Approval, 3 months of bank statements and 2 additional forms of financial documentation, as well as, pictures of your pet for your application to be considered complete.

Please be prepared, there are no exceptions To these Requirements.