A huge thank you to our friends & supporters!

BirchBark Foundation is built on the spirit of community and the generosity of our donors. Our friends and supporters have saved the lives of many loved pets over the years and continue to help keep pets healthy and in their loving homes. 

Our list of friends and supporters is constantly evolving. If you would like to make a gift, please donate today. If you have made a gift or supported us in another way but don’t see your name here, please contact info@birchbarkfoundation.org or call 831-471-7255 and someone will be in touch to correct any errors.

founders circle

Judy Andrews
Carol Quimby-Bonan
Spencer and Lila Critchley
Dan and Jill Dion

Stanley E Hanson Foundation
Joseph and Ida Liskin Foundation
Pat and Alyssa Plicka
Rosemarie Reibold


F. Robert Nunes
PetVet Care Centers
Santa Cruz Home Finance
The Wallis Foundation

Glen and Angela Charles Foundation
Dobbins Family Foundation
Newman’s Own Foundation


Vida Tanya Reiss
The Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz County* 
*(through individual donations to the
Human Race & Santa Cruz Gives)
Kenneth Westphal

Beauregard Vineyards
Merrianne Burtch and Rick Rasmussen
Catherine Graves and James Gideon
Anita and Richard Dunsay
Charlotte Lewis


Monterey Peninsula Emergency & Specialty Center
Motiv K9 Fitness Therapy
Lynda Nichols
Nichols Veterinary Hospital
Joan Osborne
Pacific Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services
Sylvia Panetta
David Rice
Rotary Club of Monterey Pacific
Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Care
Tamara Schmitz
Scotts Valley Veterinary Clinic
Arlene Seghetti and Gretchen Borgardt
Shadowbrook Restaurant
Connie Shelstad
Robin Sirakides
Leslie and Peter Sonne
Anne Thull
Michele Tsuchiya
Gina Valliere
Kelly Wachs
Westside Animal Hospital
VCA All Pets Animal Hospital Salinas
VCA Animal Hospital of Santa Cruz
Betsy Weiss–LeClerc
Westcliff Foundation

Adobe Animal Hospital of Soquel
Aguajito Veterinary Hospital
Animal Hospital of Salinas
John and Marilee Antonchick
Aptos-Creekside Pet Hospital
Ann and Dennis Appel
Donna Baird-Horne and David Horne
The Bardis Foundation
Marc Bocciardi
Lisa Brom
Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital
Companion Animal Hospital
Cottage Veterinary Care
Diggidy Dog
Brett and Leslie Ann Eldridge
Evelyn Hanggi and Jerry Ingersoll
Harden Valley Ranch Veterinary Hospital
Cheryl and John Henriksen
Marcus Jaeger and Annette Mello
Alice Jennings
Nancy Layton & Craig Chatterton
Ramona Marshall
Bill Meade



Adrienne Herman
Carol S. Hilburn
Lynn Johnson
Kristina and Michael Kraker-Nomi
Los Coches Animal Hospital
Peggy McMahan
Lynda Meeder
Monterey Bay Dog Training Club
Gabe Mulder
No Voice Unheard
Bonnie Nugent
Gayle Ortiz
Cynthia Plumb
Edwin Powell
The Raw Connection
Theresa Ream
Nancy Rinkhardt
Laurie Anne Roberts
James Roush DVM
Royal Canin
Schwab Charitable Fund – George and Ellen Fund
Anna Speers
Matthew Spence
Trupanion: Pet Insurance
VCA Ocean View Animal Hospital
Rachel Wedeen
Whole Foods
Linda and David Wilsey
Windy Oaks Estate
Anthony Zoccali

Animal Health Center
Animal Hospital of Soquel
Annie’s Blankets
Ark Animal Hospital
Sally Backus
James Berg
Bittersweet Bistro
Mary Ann Boylan and Susan Rojcewicz
Mike Burtch
Rebecca Butler
Brianna Carabba
Chanticleer Veterinary Hospital
Linda and Randall Charles
Diane Craddock
Phyllis Daney
Discretion Brewing
Mary Dunlap
Carol and Robert Edgar-Proudfoot
Davis Factor, Jr.
Constance Farrar
Forge in the Forest
Judy Force – Dentistry for Animals
Michael Ford and Bruce Marks
Barbara Gabrielson
Melissa Gangloff
Brodie Greer
Marjorie Haber
Michelle Hamerslough
Harbor Veterinary Hospital
Karen Harrington


Darcie Kroll
Ronald Kustek
Maria Lagadon
Marjorie Laird Carter
Jane Lekind
Joan Lence
Tochia and Stan Levine
Meryl Lewin
Dorothy and Don Lewis
Lighthouse Bank
Kay Lubansky
Helga Malmstedt
Mars Vista Elementary School
Essie and Kevin Martin
Susan Matsui
Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCann
Brian McGinley
Michelle McKinney
Gini and Ernest Mill
Lisa Milligan
Kathleen Million
Suzanne and Mathew Mine-Eguchi
Joyce Mitchell
Joan Moore
Karen Morrell
Darlene Mosley
Ginger Mosney
Ann Muller
Linda Murphy
Patrick Neeb
Hally Newman and Richard Daniels
Francine and Ross Nissen
Jennifer Nobis
Debi Nobriga
Nordic Naturals
Madeline Noya
Annette Olsen
Earleen Overend
Paula Panelli
Dorothy Parker
Jane and Timothy Parks-McKay
Alison Paul
Peace of Mind Dog Rescue
Richard and Phyllis Pearce
J. Perry
Delores Philips
Point Pinos Grill
Diane Powers
Yvonne Raule
David Refuerzo
Patrick Reilly
Rosemary Remacle
Anna Reyes
Warren Rider
Jeanne Roberts
Michelle Robinson
Cynthia and Chris Robison
Harriet Robles
Ted Rose
Lezlie Ross
Jenny and James Ross
Rotary Club of Pacific Grove
Monica Rua
Alicja Rudnicka
Santa Cruz Socialites
Matthew Shea
Kim and Glen Shute
Henry Smith
Kyle Soliven
The Solvik Family
Trudi Souza
Lisa and Robert Staben
Rosemary Sarka
Todd Skrabak
Sylvana and Gerald Stratton
Kelly Strickland
Judith Tatelbaum
Jay Thomas
Lorili Toth
True Olive Connection
Mary Ann Truitt
Carol Turner
Susan Turner
Louise Von Hasseln
E.C. Westervelt Jr.
Jackie Whiting
Geraldine Wirth
Craig Womack
Ron Wormser
Patricia and Gary Wrightman
Anne Young
Marykaye Zabrycki
Mauro Zanella
Barbara Zaouk
Patricia Zehna
Chris Zemny

Natalie Allen
Patricia Alvarez
Animal Friends Rescue Project
Janice Appel
Rosemary Aragon
Kathleen Arteaga
Carrie Atwell
Tina Baine
Kathleen Baker
Maggie Bannerman
Carol Barton
Wendy Baumgardner
Julie Beck
Bed & Biscuits
Robert Bell
Nance Benedict
Sarah Berling
Susan Berry
W. Scott Berry
Carolyn Bluemle
Billie Boles
Kathryn Brechel
Sydney Broussard
Marci Cain
Mike Callahan
Barbara Callaway
Robin Carmichael
Kelli Castillo
Cava Wine Bar
Leigh Cecka
Greta Chen
Lynda and Thomas Christal
Sophia Ciotti
Dina Coburn
Corinne Colen
Ronnie Connell
Vicki and Roy Cosio
Leslie Couvillion
Courtney Dasher
Dawg Gone It
Joan Deneffe
Disaster Kleenup Specialists
Tamara & Gerry Doan
Mary Dorscheimer
Dennis Dougherty
Kathleen Duisenberg
Colleen Dunham
Dawn Eason
Lisa and Jerrold Elkin
Kathi Encinas
Linda Forrell
Mona and Christopher Forrester
Susan Francis
From the Heart Dog Training
Kathleen Frost
Mary Fry
James Garden
Anne and Curtis Gavin
Jennifer Gavin
Barbara Gibson
Teresa Goldner
Alan Goldstein
Laura Goodhue
Monica Gordon
Carmel Granger
Rebecca Green
Terri Gregson
Eleanor Griffith
Susan and Howard Halla
Hank’s Dog Stuff
Sharon Hansen
Happy Valley School
Ronald Harding
Lesley Harlan
Nina Harrison
Nancy Heischman
Kathy Henney
Esther Hess
Charles Hewitt
Michael Heyman
Mary Nina Hill
Honorable Dalmatian
Claudia and Stephen Hooper
Barbara Hornady
Kimberly and Eric Horowitz
Sarah Johnson
Ron Johnston
Mischa Kandinsky
Susan Kennedy
Mary Kenney
Paula Kenyon
Sara Kishlansky
Mary Koch
Tracy Koon
Donald Kremer


Elizabeth Kerr
Anne King
Joanne Kisling
Josephine Little
Little Pup Lodge
Jesse Loesberg and Zoe Gladston
Elaine and John Luke
Lee Master
Tina May
Thomas May
Loni McCallum
Katherine McCormick
Connie McKee
Janet McKenzie
Catherine McLellan
Darren McClure
Heather McColgan
Cynthia and Payson McNett
Maria and Jose Mercado
Rose Merrill
Nick Miller Construction
Linda Monroe
James Montgomery
Janee Moore
Dawn Morrow
Kathryn Mowbray
Pamela Murphy
Jo Anne Nakagawa
Joseph Nasello
Brooke Newman
Pat O’Connell
Lynn Overtree
Tina Paster
Carrie Patrick
Nancy Pauken
Peaceful Paws Veterinary Hospice
Sam Pederson
Alison Pepper
Lee Perry
Pet Food Express
Audrey Pierson
Project Purr
Karena Pushnik
Debbie Ramos
William Randall
Laura and Robert Rawles
Owen Reeves
Diane Rennie
Andrea Renny
Michele Reps
Rescue Tales
Zealand Reynolds
Cathy Richards
Mardi Richmond
David Rickert
Barbara Rodas
Stacy Rose
Sharon Russell
Carey Ruwe
Kim Ryan
Remy Ryan
Michael Sanden
Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter
Holly Schipper
James Schmitt
Michelle Schofstal
Kevin Schromm and Carly Perlman
Kevin Scoggins
Robert Seibel
Kristina and Michael Shulman
Dorothy and Kenneth Smith
SPCA of Monterey County
Mary Stange
Michelle Starr
Katherine Stoner and Michelle Walsh
William Struble
John Sullivan
Betty Sutherland
Sara Swenson
Kierstin Testorff
Margaret Tsuchida
Deb Vandenberg
Wanda Vollmer
Patsy Volpe
Elissa Wagner
Meredith Watterson
Diane Webster-Thomas
Laura Whaley and Collin Whadford
Leslie Willoughby
Crystal Wisecarver
WoodStock’s Pizza
Tina Woodward
Stephanie Ziai

Dale and Neil Agron
Richard Alloy
Alex Anastasiou
Aunt LaLi’s Treats
Jan Austin
Margaret and Robert Avary
Sarah Avary
Alison Bardo
Katrina Barone
M. Beeson
Cpt. Robert & Mrs. Belter
Sandy Benzor
Carol Bitney
Jerry Bowles
Carla Braden
Colleen Brady
Patterson Brandon
Diana Brandt
Gwendolyn Brooks
John Bruckman
Buffalo Wings
Geri Burchard
Sara Buttemiller
Canine Companions for Independence
Alison and John Carroll
Mandy Carswell
Jennifer Cass
M.J. Childers
Suzanne Close
Meagan Cole
Denise Colosi
Diana Contreras
Erin Conway
Lindsay Cox
Catrina Coyle
Taeko D’Andrea
Mary Dalton
Kathryn Davis
Barbara Davison
Debbie Deadle
Scott Dick
John Dickinson
Stephanie Dimarco
Bonnie Doran
Donna Doss
Jennifer Douglas
Jocelyn Douglas
Linda Downing
Sydney Drake
Stacy Dubuc
Deirdre Duncan-Bascow
Sabrina Eastwood
Katherine Edison
Sarah Eryavec
K. Evans
Rachel Evers
Perian and Kenneth Fein
R. Fish
Valerie and Nicholas Fogler
Dr. Evangeline Forrest
Lisa Fry
Victoria Fuller
Rudolph Garza
Rubie Gedreau
Lori George
S. Goldfarb
Joe Grebmie
Brenna Green
Paddy Grinstein
Debbie Hale
Andrea Hanson
Kathleen Hatfield
Joann and Dennis Hayes
Shirley Henning
Harriet Hiker
Lorraine Holt
Patricia Holt
Linda Hopper
Alexandra Horne
Jana Hostetter
Chris and Tom House
Linda Humber
Christine Hyland
Shervanti Jayesinghe
Leslie Johnson
Judy and Erik Johnson
Yvonne and Ralph Jones
Cynthia Jordan
Matthew Jordan
Brian Kaiser
Jeanne Keating
Mike Kelly