Donna Horne, DVM


Dr. Baird-Horne earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine and her Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology and Behavior. She officially retired from full-time practice in after 33 years in practice but occasionally helps out in her husband’s practice at Companion Animal Hospital. She is also the director of marketing for the practice. Prior to coming to Santa Cruz, Dr. Baird was the owner, for 17 years, of Marlborough Veterinary Clinic in New Hampshire. Her medical practice had a focus on small animal medicine and surgery, with special interest in geriatric medicine. Helping companion animals stay happy and healthy, providing unconditional love and joy to their human caregivers has always been a priority.

Dr. Baird-Horne is an active volunteer and fundraiser for Hospice of Santa Cruz and has a strong interest in animal welfare, children and the environment. She’s a Board Member of the Santa Cruz Mountain Gourmet Dinner club. She loves travel and to explore animal life in the wild. She recently traveled to Africa with a small group of UC Davis veterinarians—first trekking gorillas in Rwanda and then in South Africa placing GPS collars on elephants (to study their migration patterns) and microchipping and notching white rhinoceros family members (to discourage illegal poaching). She lives in Bonny Doon, CA and her home is shared with her husband and their beloved Cattle Dog and red tabby cat.