BirchBark FoundationWhat do you need to know about your pet’s health? The answer is everything you can! The more you know, the better a health advocate you’ll be. At BirchBark we want to help you help your animals to lead active, healthy and happy lives. In addition to providing pet owners with assistance for veterinary costs, we have a commitment to providing education about issues related to pet health.

BirchBark FoundationMerriam-Webster’s defines community as people with common interests living in a particular area. There can be no doubt that the area encompassing the Central Coast of California qualifies as a community of animal lovers. We embrace our animals as family members, and this region is a wonderful playground of nature in which to celebrate the bond between people and pets.

BirchBark Foundation’s primary goal is to offer grants to animal owners who are unable to cover some or all of the cost of their pet’s medical care. We currently offer grants only to residents of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties in the Central Coast region of California.

This resource is unique in the region. If pet owners are unable to pay for needed care for a beloved pet, they face few options.